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Vivalu Bricco - Cosmetic Candle for the body

Vivalu Bricco has 6 models of cosmetic candles 150 ml. VIVALU is a registered trademark.


Chhose the original, do not burn yourself with imitations!

Maggiori Dettagli

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Butters loose candles for a warm massage of your body!

VIVALU Bricco is the best-selling candle and more appreciated by experts and those who want to make their first massage with candle. Simple to use, does not leave drops tank to the specially designed nozze. It is designed in the shape to be easily contested, and to optimize the melting of the butter mix. It is available in 6 formulas and fragrances to suit different  welness area treatments. VIVALU Bricco is the “landmark” of cosmetic candles. The quality and the price make this product unique and inimitable! 

Produced from vegetable raw high cosmetic grade materials, cotton wick withouth lead and chlorine. No waxes. It contains no animal products. It does not contain dyes. Product not tested on animals.



A new natural ritual for your body. It moisturizes, nourishes and perfuse the skin with the best vegetable butters; the flame will make them liquid and slightly warm, for a pleasant prolonged and invigorating action on the skin.

 VIVALU TRIBE candles are safe cosmetics, do not require specific corse for use.  All formulas are dermatologically tested at the University of Ferrara.



We believe in the all-italian ability to produce well at reasonable cost.

The real Made in Italy is designed, engineered and manufactured in Italy, just like our candles. A team is concerned to draw and create prototype: they test fragrances, choose colors by mixing shades as true artists, experimenting with new wicks and studying exclusive packagings. 


Lumen candle factory cooperates with a scientific research project with the Polytechnic of Milan and the University of Insubria on the study of emission from burning candles. It is the first European scientific research sector. With this help ourselves the goal of selecting safe products thera on all aspects including that of combustion. The research will also evaluate thetoxicological aspects and will simulate the burning of candles in the home. 

This project comes in the wake of Allergen Free, a quality project originated from the need to create a line of candles and fragrance-free categorized as allergenic substances, but also without polycyclic musks and phthalates (of dubious safety components present in many fragrances). This commitment has paid off so much so that, born to a product line, has dictated our quality standards do today, extending to all our production this concept of quality. This is the quality project of Cereria Lumen which this year will evolve towards safety.

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ALOE VERA Butter shea and aloe vera for a rebalancing and invigorating massage, delicately scented with fresh dew.



Shea butter and andiroba oil for an unscented massage, suitable for sensitive skin. Emollient and good after-sun.


Shea butter and almond butter for a warming massage, delicately scented sweet almond and rice milk.


Shea butter and cocoa butter for a cooling massage, soothing, fresh scent and talc .


Shea butter and soy butter for a toning and firming massage. Ideal for all skin types. Ancestral and balsamic fragrance.


Shea butter and mango butter for a playful massage, instinctive and sensual. Heady fragrance of exotics fruits.

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