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Anti Cellulite Massager Globus Lipozero G150 Ultrasonic

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Warranty: 2 years

Ultrasonic device that exploits the CAVITATION AESTHETICS at low frequency. Impact treatments for cellulite, men adiposty, skin, health.
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Product Advantages

  • Wide range of programs
  • Maximum Simplicity of use
  • Display simple and immediate
  • Visible and fast results
  • Multifunction and multidisciplinary
  • Reliable and known Brand

The most effective method against Localized Adiposity
comfortably at your home and at no cost!

made in italy

Anti Cellulite Massager equipment of last generation entirely designed and made in Italy by Globus, for the treatment of cellulite and abdominal adiposity of men and women, for health and skin.

Lipozero G150 Globus utilizes the most effective and modern methods of treatment used in the of advanced field for beauty treatments and then is able to generate impact treatments that work in depth.
Ultrasonic CAVITATION is the most effective methodology to fight cellulite and eliminate the unnecessary fat.

52 PROGRAMS: 30 presets: 9 -10 CaviMax150 MF-Plus - 5 Mobilization Adiposity NORAD-526 -2 Male Adiposity - 8 Beauty - 8 Skin 

 All comfortably at your home without any charge 

Recent scientific studies have shown that ultrasound allows achieving exceptional results for the treatment of the imperfections especially for the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. As matter of fact, the ultrasonic are pressure waves, which penetrate into the tissues and act in depth. In particular it was discovered that in order to fight the fat and cellulite the low frequencies have greater efficacy in that they penetrate more in the fatty tissues reducing the adipocytes.

Cavitations is triggered by a rapid sequence of steps of compression-expansion of cells in the adipose tissue and the subsequent formation of micro cavities which expand up to implode and destroy fat cells.


  • When the adipose tissue is reached in depth by ultrasonic energy at low frequency, in its interior are determined cyclical phases of compression and decompression that produce the formation of cavities containing gas and steam
  • Thanks to this action mechanism the cavities created continue to expand and compress with increasing energy up to they explode resulting in the demolition of the adipose tissue.
  • The fat content in adipocytes is thus released and cleared through the bloodstream without damaging minimally the surrounding tissues.


The mechanism of cavitations is produced efficiently only at low frequencies, below 600 kHz, since they are the only that can penetrate deep to break down the fatty tissue.

The lower is the frequency the greater is the depth and the action of the impact.

  • 150 KHz for Cellulite and fat a bit less thick and deep
  • 526 KHz to associate to the adipose demolition the production of noradrenaline (Norad-526) that burns the fat by increasing the metabolism. Particularly suitable for the male abdominal adiposity.
  • 3 MHz for superficial beauty treatments and skin


International scientific research have shown that the application of Frequency Modulation Cavitations (alternation of different frequencies) produces the best results because the association of different frequencies allows to act simultaneously at different depths and to tailor the treatments according to the type of cellulite


Lipozero G150 is equipped with a wide range of therapeutic programs for the treatment of major diseases at 1 MHz Frequency.


Lipozero G150 comes in a handy and modern carrying case in aluminum and eco leather that eases the transport allowing you to be fashionable all the times.


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52 PROGRAMS 30 presets:


  • 8 BEAUTY
  • 8 SKIN


  • 150 KHz CAVIMAX:Lipolysis, Abdominal muscles lipolysis, Cellulite, Edematous cellulite, Fibrous     cellulite, Flabby thighs, Swollen legs Cellulite, Fibrous legs cellulite, Cellulite         with orange peel skin.
  • MF-PLUS:Lipolysis, Cellulite, Edematous cellulite, Fibrous cellulite, Flabby thighs, Cellulite with orange peel skin, Male abdominal adiposity, Male hips adiposity, Male legs adiposity, Male upper limb adiposity
  • ADIPOSITY MOBILIZATION NorAd-526 :Lipolysis NORAD-526, Cellulite NorAd-526, Adiposity NorAd-526, NorAd-526 1, NorAd-526 2.
  • MALE ADIPOSITY:Men abdominal adiposity, Men hips adiposity.
  • BEAUTY:Massage, Modeling, Legs sculpting, Drainage, Legs drainage, Arms drainage,Stretch marks, Applying active
  • SKIN:Acne, Facial lift, Wrinkle Treatment, Scars, Rosacea, Body Boils, Facial Boils,Skin Restructure
  • HEALTH: Sciatica, Lumbago, Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel, Neuralgia, Tendinitis, Epicondylitis, Periarthritis, Distortion, Bruises




The unit is supplied complete with:

1 Carrying case

1 Ultrasound Lipozero G150

1 Multifrequence hand piece (3 and 1 MHz, 526 and 150 KHz)

1 Gel Package

1 Power supply

1 Operators manual


Technical data:

  • Power: 3 W/cm2
  • Outputs: 1 - Hand piece: 1 Ø mm42 - IP 65
  • Power supply: 220V 50/60 Hz and rechargeable battery (not supplied)
  • Dimensions: 17 x 22 x 6 cm
  • Backlight display
  • Emission: continuous and pulsed
  • Programs: 52 + 30 programmable
  • Emission frequency: 3 MHz, 1 MHz, 526 KHz and 150 KHz
  • CE device
  • Made in Italy



  1. Is cavitations the alternative to liposuction treatments?Cavitations can be a good ally against the fat cells, cellulite, blood circulation and oxygenation of tissues without causing any discomfort and post-treatment protocols.
  2. How does cavitations work within the tissues?It’s a physical phenomenon that occurs when gas bubbles are produced inside a fluid.The ultrasonic waves at low frequency generate gas bubbles leading to the collapse of the microbubbles with subsequent implosion of the same and the immediate disintegration of the adipocytes with consequent release of fats contained in it.
  3. Is cavitations dangerous for internal organs and bones?When used properly by following the protocols there are absolutely no problems whatsoever.
  4. How quickly do you get results?The first results show after the first application; very important is consistency in the application. It is advisable to associate the treatment to proper nutrition and physical activity.
  5. Is it used only used to fight cellulite?No, it's a great ally against localized fat deposits, helps eliminating excess fluids and relaxes wrinkles smoothing the skin. It is excellent to improve the peripheral circulation.
  6. What are the contraindications of cavitation?It is used only with healthy subjects.The contraindications are: heart disease, pacemakers, liver disease, epilepsy, thrombophlebitis, thrombosis, pregnancy, fever and superficial lesions.
  7. If used often can ultrasound harm?They do not cause any harm if used properly. It is advisable to use them as indicated in the manual in order not to exaggerate the number of applications.
  8. By increasing the power can I get more results?The advancement of treatments the power is increased to structure the program more effectively.If it is necessary to increase or decrease the power of the device allows the adjustment using the specific buttons.
  9. How soon will the first results come?Lipozero has specific programs for any issue related to cosmetic imperfections.The results are dependent on the stage of advancement of the imperfection.Selecting with the keyboard the most appropriate treatment, you will appreciate after the first application, a first result and more toned and smoother skin.
  10. Can you hold the device head steady during the treatment?No, you should slide the head with a circular motion.If the head is not made to run, the area being treated may overheat preventing effective work.
  11. Have I always to apply cream or gel on the device head?Yes in sufficient quantity for the entire area of the application; this is to encourage the transmission between head and skin that to improve adherence and sliding and to eliminate air bubbles interposed between skin and head.
  12. Can I make applications to the lower abdomen?It is not recommended the use of ultrasound near sensitive areas.It is suggested instead to the abdomen and oblique bundles and all the areas where fat deposits are found. Ultrasound is essential for the treatment of thighs, hips, thighs and arms, locating the ultrasound beams in the fat districts.
  13. How do I know if the head is turned on?After starting the program and turned up the power, if you have doubts on the correct operation, put a few drops of water on the handle that will be evaporated soon after the ultrasound action.
  14. If, during treatment you feel nothing, or just a slight vibration, what should I do?Nothing, it just means that the area is less sensitive but this does not mean that the Lipozero is not exerting its function.
  15. Can I make applications on the varicose veins?No. Any treatment is contraindicated if you have vascular problems.
  16. What are the indications for treatment with ultrasound?
    • Adiposity
    • Orange peel skin and rough
    • Improvements in tissue plasticity
    • Reduction and elimination of cellulite nodules
    • Improving the tone of the fabrics
    • Better absorption of cellulite creams
    • Reactivation of local circulation and elimination of stagnant fluid.
  17. The treatments are rather easy to perform because are carried out simply by sliding the head on the imperfect surface.

  18. What are the directions in aesthetics?Ultrasound is particularly useful in the external treatment of many skin problems.Particularly:
    • in the cellulite treatment.
    • In reshaping localized adiposity.
    • In the treatment of orange peel skin and rough skin.
    • In improving the plasticity of the tissues.
    • In improving the tissues making them more compact and smoother.
    • In re-activating the local circulation and the skin nourishment.
  19. Should I follow a special diet?
    • No, but it is advisable:
    • Do not overdo with smoke and alcohol.
    • Avoid foods high in fat.
    • Given preference fruits and vegetables without too much sugar.
    • Drink water throughout the day.
    • Avoid foods rich in sodium.
    • Make physical activity.
  • Terms such as thrombophlebitis and phlebitis, in which the administration of ultrasound may cause the breaking of emboli, are not treated with ultrasound.
  • Areas affected by acute sepsis should not be treated with ultrasound because of the danger of spreading infection.
  • Radiation therapy produces a reverse effect on tissues then ultrasound should not be applied to areas subject to radiation earlier than six months from the same irradiation.
  • Tumors should not be subjected to ultrasound because it could stimulate the growth and/or cause metastases.
  • A pregnant uterus should not be treated with ultrasound, as they may cause fetal harm (scanning with ultrasound as a diagnostic tool during pregnancy is different from that used for therapeutic purposes).
  • The use is forbidden to patients with pacemakers.
  • Do not use in areas with prostheses and osteosynthesis materials in regions where there are endo tissues means of synthesis (plaques introduced due to operations, etc..) Or bone marrow and spine.
  • In subjects younger than fifteen years, or on children.
  • On the noble organs (ovaries, heart, head, genitals, eyes, etc..).
  • In patients with fever.

In case of doubts or concerns, please contact your doctor.

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