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Globus Duo Tens - Electrostimulator For Back Pain And Neck

Globus Duo Tens stimulator is designed for your health 360 °: an ally that will give immediate relief thanks to the current voltage that will help recover welfare, pain and inflammation. No more neck and back pain!

Warranty: 2 years

Maggiori Dettagli

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Product Advantages

  • Wide range of programs
  • Easy to use
  • Display simple and easy
  • Visible results and fast
  • Multifunction and multidisciplinary
  • Reliable brand and known

No more neck and back pain!

The electro Duo Tens of Globus 20 programs dedicated to the treatment of pain, especially for back pain and neck. The stimulator has 4 programs Fitness / Beauty.



Duo Tens is the ideal electrostimulator to protect your health and maintain your body healthy in a safe and comfortable way.



TENS currents remove pain quickly. They help you find your energy and vitality day by day.



The large backlit display and the practical and user-friendly controls make it easy and user-friendly from the very first treatment.



Duo Tens is light and compact. It will be the indispensable partner of your vitality and wellbeing in every moment of the day.

Globus Duo Tens - Electrostimulator For Back Pain And Neck

Medic Manual alt

Guide to using electrostimulator alt

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What's in the box

  • 1 Bag
  • 1 Duo Tens Stimulator GLOBUS
  • 2 cables for connection to electrodes Electrodes
  • 4 square stickers
  • 4 self-adhesive electrodes rectangular
  • 1 Charger
  • 1 Operation Manual

The features!

Channels: 2 independent channels

Frequency: 0-150 Hz

Power: 100 mA pp per channel

Pulse width: 50 to 400 mS

Waveform: Square wave, biphasic, symmetrical, compensated

Power supply: rechargeable batteries

Backlit display

Device Class II A

According to EC Directive 93/42 / EEC 2007/47 / EEC

The programs!


  • Abdominal area sculpting
  • Decontracting
  • Abdominal maximum strength
  • Cool down



  • Conventional Antalgic Tens
  • Endorphinic Tens
  • Rotator Cuff Tendinitis
  • Muscle Pain
  • Knee Osteoarthritis
  • Knee Post-surgical Pain
  • Muscle Injuries
  • Cervical Pain
  • Trapezius Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Lumbago
  • Epicondilytis
  • S. H. periarthritis
  • Carpal tunnel

Current Question

How many sessions of electrostimulation can be carried out weekly?

As regards physical preparation, please refer to the weekly programs included in the Personal Trainer. As regards the applications for fitness and beauty, the frequency of sessions depend on the type of treatment: for tonification, 3-4 weekly sessions every other day are recommended; for lipolysis and drainage, treatments can even be carried out on a daily basis

After how much time can the first results be seen?

The results that can be obtained in the beauty field are obviously subjective. It is however possible to say that, in case of tonification, 3-4 regular and constant weekly sessions can bring good results already after 15 days. For electrolipolysis and electrodrainage, 40 days are necessary. Better and faster results can be achieved if the treatments go alongside with good physical activity and healthy lifestyle.

Does the presence of dermatological diseases like psoriasis, hives and so on preclude the use of electrostimulation?

Yes, it is definitely recommended not to treat any portion of skin with serious skin diseases.

Is it possible to use the electrostimulator during menstrual cycle?

Any interference like early, late, abundant or scarce periods are extremely subjective and variable. It is however recommended to avoid treating the abdomen area during menstrual cycle or soon before or after it.

When I increase intensity to more than 10 mA, intensity goes immediately back to 0. What happened?

As described in user manuals, the appliance is equipped with a power supply control. In case the intensity value is increased to more than 10 mA and the circuit s open, the electrostimulator brings the value back to 0. Before starting any treatment, it is therefore necessary to ensure that the cables are connected, the electrodes are placed on the area to be treated and that the electrodes are not too worn out, because this would decrease their conduction capacity.

What kind of electrodes should be used?

The use adhesive electrodes is recommended, because they are more practical and improve stimulation quality. If used with care, i.e. on clean skin, they can be used even for 25-30 applications.

However, electrodes should be always replaced if they do not adhere perfectly to skin. where should the electrodes be placed?

In the manual, you will find a comprehensive electrode placement guide (it is not necessary to respect the indicated polarity). Please, follow these guidelines. If you want to verify the correct placement of the electrodes, you can use a special motor point pen or follow this empirical method: place the electrode as shown in the picture, start the stimulation and move the electrode with your hand letting the skin slide on the muscle. You will notice a change in contraction according to the different positions of the electrode. Once the point where contraction is greater is identified, decrease channel intensity to zero (0.0 mA), re-position the electrode and increase intensity gradually.

How to use the Y cables.

They permit to use more electrodes on the same channel. This enables, for instance, to stimulate two muscle groups simultaneously with one single channel. They are particularly recommended for medical applications.

Does the power decrease using the Y cables?

The power intensity for each channel does not vary. However, when Y cables are used to split one single channel in two, the current is distributed on a wider muscle area, therefore contraction will be less pronounced. Increase the intensity to obtain the same contraction level. To charge the appliance, switch off the electrostimulator, disconnect the electrode cables and plug the battery charger connector in the apposite socket. The battery charger should be connected to a 220V outlet.

Can electrostimulation hurt me?

It is very unlikely that electrostimulation damages muscles. An important method in this case is to increase intensity gradually while observing the muscle behavior and avoiding to keep the limb completely outstretched. In case of doubt, please contact a specialist.

Is it possible to use the electrostimulator during lactation?

No side effect related to electrostimulation during lactation has been detected so far. It is however advisable not to treat the thoracic area.


We do not recommend the use of electrical stimulation in the following cases:

  •  Stimulation of the anterior neck (carotid sinus)
  • Patient with a pacemaker
  • Sick of cancer (consult your doctor)
  • Stimulation of the brain region
  • Use on the pain of unknown etiology
  • Wounds and skin diseases
  • Acute trauma
  • Stimulation of recent scars
  • Pregnancy
  • It 'absolutely forbidden the use of electro-ocular and genital area
  • Use of electrostimulation in water
  • Close to the areas to be characterized by the presence of metals and metal fixation infratessutali (such as implants, osteosynthesis material, spirals, screws, plates), when using monophasic currents such as interference and direct current (iontophoresis) .In If you have questions or concerns please contact your physician

The professionals who buy and use equipment for professional purposes, they are directly responsible either legally or criminally. Therefore before purchase we invite you to review the Specific rules for professional products and Technical Specifications of the equipment permitted in these shows.

In particular it should be noted that the use of professional equipment by beauticians / and is regulated by the Ministerial Decree Law 1/90.

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