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TurboCell Leggings - Slimming Pants

The Leggings Body Slimming Pants Corsaro from TurboCell are practical and versatile to wear for every occasion! They allow you to shape hips, thighs and knees, buttocks, waist size
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Product Advantages

  • Full line of slimming clothing
  • Rishapes waistline, thighs and hips
  • Eliminates cellulite
  • Ideals every day under the clothes
  • Effective support to the diet

Black, simple: do not miss an opportunity to shape your body

The TURBO-CELL leggings are ideal for shaping legs, hips, buttocks, waist size. From waist to ankles. With side zip.

A slimming garment that fights cellulite, practical, versatile and discreet and can be used daily as a regular garment.

The slimming, slenderizing and Cellulite clothes. Just wear them! Once worn, you will be modeled and immediately begin to fight fat and cellulite.

TURBO CELL is the first, most imitated and most effective garment to fight cellulite in natural way and to reduce fat deposits, giving very visible results.


A medical test conducted at the Civil Hospital in Strasbourg (France) showed the effectiveness of TURBO CELL in 95% of cases treated.


Unlike similar products, TURBOCell, in addition to the micro massage and to the increase of microcirculation, brings also the following benefits:

  • TERMOLIPOLISI: Increases locally the body temperature locally
  • DRAINAGE: Increases microcirculation and lymphatic system
  • PEELING MECHANIC: It carries out an exfoliation of dead cells
  • ASYNCHRONOUS VENTILATION: Allows the breathing of the skin
  • METABOLISM: Increases cellular exchanges
  • MASSAGE: It carries out a constant micro massage


Cellulite affects I'80% of women, because their food supply today is rich in animal products, the water intake is never enough and the lifestyle is too sedentary. The remedies are therefore simple: eat more vegetable foods enriched with natural fibers and water, get moving and eat a varied but controller diet. Despite all this cellulite is not easy to eradicate this is why the use of TURBO Cell helps to address the problem effectively.


How to fight effectively the anaesthetic "orange peel" skin?

Simply wearing TURBO Cell clothing in direct contact with the skin for 8 hours a day for at least 2 months!

TURBO Cell slimming garments can be worn under normal clothing during working hours, or used as sportswear during the hours of gym. The action of the anti-cellulite clothing is based on the ability to raise locally the body temperature resulting in an increase in the local blood supply and a constant and long-lasting micro massage.



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Turbo Cell is made of a special fabric and patented 3-layer formulated to produce in a natural, simple and effective results against cellulite:

The exclusive fabric. The original 3 layers: STRETCH FABRIC, NATURAL LATEX and COTTON.

1. Outer layer: STRETCH FABRIC
It has the ability to contain and shape and in opposition to the movements of the body develops a uniform pressure, thus implementing the active phase of constant micro-massage.

2. Middle layer: LATEX NATURAL Increases body temperature and activates the blood circulation. Improve drainage by promoting the elimination of localized fat and combating cellulite.

3. Inner layer: COTTON THROUGH A GREEK Upon contact of the skin only cotton! To ensure the maximum tolerance for all skins, also Greek special weave allows a surface micro-massage.


In a more convenient and simple way: it does not require application of electrodes, use of creams or difficult manoeuvres, as a matter of fact, you'll just to wear the TURBO Cell slimming garment under your clothes or during the sports activity. Repeat it for eight hours a day for eight weeks and you will get significant results against cellulite and fat deposits.

Remember that TURBO Cell is not made of neoprene and that the inner layer, in contact with the skin, is made of hypoallergenic cotton, then ideal for all types of skin even for the most sensitive.

Turbo Cell is an effective response for reducing and fight cellulite. After just one day you will find that the skin is smoother and softer. Exactly what you get! Why not to try?

  • Visible results in just weeks
  • Effective and discreet
  • It fights Cellulite
  • Clinically tested
  • It reduces fat
  • Slims the hips
  • It's enough to wear it
  • It firms thighs and buttocks
  • It reduces and fights cellulite.


TURBOCell ® is the first, most imitated and most effective garment to fight cellulite in natural way and to reduce fat deposits, giving very visible results.

A medical test conducted at the Civil Hospital in Strasbourg (France) showed the effectiveness of TURBO Cell in 95% of cases treated.

A clinical test carried out in Italy has shown a reduction of cellulite: -19.05%, a reduction of excess fat mass: -12.14% , a feeling of comfort to the legs, reducing the sense of heaviness: -10.10 %.

Clinical tests carried out at the University of Barcelona (Spain) have shown an increase of peripheral circulation: +30% and an increase in body temperature: +2 ° C, under the garment.




  • Color: Black
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Height Weist
  • Material: 70% natural rubber/stretch fabric 15% / 15% cotton
  • Clinically Tested and certifiedo CE

If you have any doubt about two sizes, choose the bigger!


SizeAround waist
Around Hips











Warning: For hygienic reasons and for the protection of our customers, we do not carry out any change of slimming clothing caused by incorrect choice of the size.

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