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Maniquick Beautyquick derma aspiration Massager for Cellulite

Warranty: 2 years

Derma aspiration massager, stimulates circulation and demobilizes body fat; it unsightly improves cellulite imperfections and helps in slimming.

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Beautyquick is a truly versatile device, useful and effective massage for cellulite!

BeautyQuick eliminates puffiness and reduces cellulite, improves elasticity and skin tone, eliminates the unnecessary fat, get leaner figure and improves the functioning of the lymphatic drainage system.

The treatment will be most effective when combined with the use of cosmetics for the body and essential oils.

To cleanse the skin it is recommended to use the device with a cream or lotion cleanser. It is sd for breast massage the unit favors the increase due to improved blood circulation and the elimination of the phenomena of stagnation.

Used to massage the breast, it favors its increase due to improved blood circulation and to the elimination of the stagnation phenomena.

BeautyQuick is a truly versatile device, useful and effective to fight many of the most hated skin imperfections. But not only! Using it in combination with essential oils and therapeutic drugs, we can exploit the beneficial effects of rhythmic aspiration massage to stimulate the acupuncture points of the traditional Chinese medicine 



The derma-aspiration is a simple skin massage comparable to a epidermal gymnastic that through aspiration and relaxation of the skin, creates a gentle suction controlled outwards capable to improve the oxygenation of the tissues and activate the lymph drainage. These two combined actions allow the mobilization of fat deposits under the skin, reduce water retention, stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

Clinical studies have shown that BeautyQuick dermal aspiration massage stimulates, gently tone and skin elasticity by encouraging the production of collagen and elastin - the essential components of connective tissue - which, over the years, see their progressive reduction, this in addition causes the appearance of wrinkles, as well as reduced muscle tone and elasticity of the skin, stretch marks and sagging breasts.

In the case of cellulite and localized fat (lipodystrophy localized) the BeautyQuick derma-aspiration massage suction assumes even more importance in maintaining flexible and toned skin tissue, stimulating the vascular system, lymphatic system, promoting the formation of fibroblasts and allowing the disposal of toxins and the reduction of fluid stagnation in the dermis and into the ipoderma, these factors are responsible for the impoverishment of the oxygen flow and of the elasticity of the tissues.

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1. Before the facial treatment and remove make-up take a shower.

2. Before treatment it is advisable to listen to pleasant music and to relax.

3. For a more effective use a cream, a gel or a lotion.

4. Use one of the three cups to fit specific body part: the small cup is used for face and body, the medium cup for the treatment of the body surface and the large bowl for massaging the abdomen, back and breast, in this case it is necessary to place the locking on the cup (included).

5. Insert one end into the cup introducing inlet port of the device and turn it clockwise until it stops. To remove the cups repeat the same operations in reverse. Warning: Replace the cups carefully avoiding overexertion!

6. Adjust the power of aspiration (vacuum) by means of the controller C according to the type and position of the skin area treated, the size of the cup and of personal preference.

7. To reduce the suction power regulator to bring the sign closest to the P3, P2, P1 indications. To increase it bring it closer to the indication P2, P3, P4. The maximum suction power must be used to stimulate the lymphatic drainage system and for the treatment of the layers of fat (cellulite).

8. Do not dwell on the same spot for more than 5-10 seconds during the facial treatment, for more than 10-15 seconds while using the 65 mm. and not more than 15-20 seconds with the 95 mm. cup.

9. Adjust the suction power in function of the sensitivity of the different parts of the body and the type of skin. Whenever you feel an uncomfortable feeling is possible to quickly reduce the suction power by means of the button D. To obtain an effective action is needed that after being treated with the device the skin takes on a pinkish aspect.

10. During the massage the aspiration cup must be moved to a new position by temporarily stopping the treatment. The aspiration of the skin in the cavity of the cup determines the displacement of the fluid contained in the muscle tissue and subcutaneous adipose tissue with a consequent increase in skin temperature.

11. The movement of the muscles under the effect of the vacuum causes the displacement of the adipose tissue adjacent and intensification of lymphatic drainage, with a consequent improvement of metabolism and a detoxifying effect for the tissues.

12. During the treatment you can be helped by a the partner for massaging specific parts of the body (eg the back).

13. Each treatment will last a maximum of 30 minutes.

14. During a single treatment is not advisable to treat large areas, but it is better to focus on problem areas most affected by fat deposits or cellulite. Otherwise the results will be less obvious.

15. For having the best results it is recommended to perform the treatment daily or at least two/three times a week.

16. The suction massage has a positive effect on the nervous system, plays a relaxing and greatly and enhances the effectiveness of the therapeutic massage and acupuncture.

17. After treatment, wash the cup with warm water and wipe clean the housing with a soft cloth. Dry the unit before storing.

18. Turn the power setting of aspiration/massage regulation switch to the required position according to the part you want to treat.

(The device can be used without accessories for the treatment of limited portions of skin. To attach the aspiration cups (H, I, J), simply insert the cup in the desired aspiration hole and turn it clockwise to position. To replace the aspiration cup, remove it by turning it counterclockwise and insert the new one).

BeautyQuick is a truly versatile device, useful and effective to fight many of the most hated skin imperfections. But not only! Using it in combination with essential oils and therapeutic drugs, we can exploit the beneficial effects of rhythmic aspiration massage to stimulate the acupuncture points of the traditional Chinese medicine!


The sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition and often excessive, insufficient intake of fiber and fluid stress and many other contributing factors causing the abnormal elevation of body weight, sometimes with the appearance of fatty deposits. There is no need to stress that this can cause embarrassment and dissatisfaction. And is here that BeautyQuick gives its best: the rhythmic aspirated massage of BeautyQuick, with emphasis on the accumulation fat points should be more noticeable and by specific movements as indicated in the instructions, cause the gradual loosening of fat making the fat "available "for disposal by the natural metabolic mechanisms; the increased inflow of blood and fluids retrieved in the area of interest by be beneficial backwash of BeautyQuick also stimulate the activation of local metabolism, which in turn causes the raising of the general metabolism: the body is induced to consume more ... and guess what! That consumes the own fat that BeautyQuick has detached from its stand!


Water retention in the interstitial tissues concerns the dermis and the hypodermis and is the first step towards the formation of cellulite so-called "soft" that, unrelently, is transformed into cellulite in the later stages with the appearance of nodules and micro -nodules increasingly flabby and doughy on palpation. This skin disease can manifest from the abdominal area of interest for the entire leg up to the calf and ankle. The lymphatic system is no longer able to drain the tissues and gradually this creates abnormal deposits of liquids. Water retention causes thickening of the skin, which in turn are responsible for the accumulation of cellulite. In addition the hated cellulite, this reduced ability to lift fluids upwards, gradually leads to the appearance of abnormal and also very serious diseases such as venous insufficiency-lymphatic, varicose veins, thrombosis, phlebitis, edema and more generally, pain and swelling in the lower limbs. What better than an aspirating massage, led in the direction of the heart from the outside can help to reactivate the venous-lymphatic system? A little 'motion more and in over 5 minutes with BeautyQuick and your legs will be lightened by the stagnation of fluids and liquids, the appearance of orange peel skin will gradually be less and the feeling of wellbeing and lightness of the legs will be reflected throughout the body.


The problem of flabby breasts affects many women and is often a result of significant weight loss or pregnancy and/or breastfeeding. The epidermis, which first covered a larger volume becomes too empty - often too quickly, taking on a little tonic and swollen aspect and sometimes presenting stretch marks and grainy more or less superficial. Moreover, the breast may aesthetically small for physiological conformation, which often causes considerable psychological impact too. The rhythmic massage aspiration of BeautyQuick can help the flaccid skin of the breast to regain tone and elasticity thanks to the increase of blood flow; also the constant application of BeautyQuick, perhaps in combination with a specific cosmetic, can contribute to a more harmonious development and sustained volume of the breast.


With age, our skin undergoes to an irreversible process of physiological deterioration: since the age of 25 years, the skin loses its capability to retain and renew its hydro-lipid film that forms its protective shield, then it becomes thinner and dry, gradually deteriorating. As time goes by many environmental factors - UV rays, smog, stress nutritional habits - and also some hormonal invoices - those related to pregnancy, first and those related to menopause after, cause the formation of enzymes that progressively melt the major components of 'skin: collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. The specific stimulation of BeautyQuick in the areas concerned by the appearance of wrinkles, can help the skin renewal due to the increase of blood flow and to the generation of new capillaries that provide nourishment and fluids in areas now devoid of blood supply. BeautyQuick can prevent the formation of new lines and helping to fill the existing ones.


One of the most annoying defects that may be present in the skin are the stretch marks (linear atrophy of the dermis), stretch marks can also affect males, but mostly they are a real problem for women. Their appearance, resembles much marks and scars and are usually red when recent, while those older that are in a more advanced stage of sagging skin appear pearly-white. The causes of their appearance are various: too drastic diets, smoking, pregnancy, etc.. etc.. Also in this case the stimulation with BeautyQuick promotes the regeneration of the tissues and their progressive filling; the appearance of the stretch marks will be attenuated and the sinking surface will be gradually less evident even in the most important cases. It is recommended to match a specific elasticity cream for the maximum results.

BeautyQuick, dermo-aspiration massager, is an electromedical device that gathers all the possibilities to fight and improve the various imperfections of the body!

BeautyQuick allows, in the privacy of your home, to take advantage of the dermo-aspiration massage to help fighting cellulite, to reduce fat deposits, to prevent and reduce stretch marks, it gives tone and volume to the brest, it prevents and reduces the formation of wrinkles and maintain a young décolleté.

BeautyQuick: a single device to address the imperfections in a simple and effective way!


BeautyQuick is simple to use and extremely safe, but it is good to bear in mind that if you were in any of the following conditions or diseases you should avoid to use the equipment or at least do so only after consulting your doctor.

  • Serious diseases of the cardiovascular system: angina, myocardial infarction, congestive heart failure
  • Diseases due to skin cancer
  • Disorders of blood coagulation
  • Liver and kidney diseases
  • Varicose disease
  • Diseases of the skin (dermatitis, eczema, skin lesions)
  • If your skin is too sensitive or anemic
  • Injuries or recent surgical sutures
  • Pregnancy
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