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Intense Pulsed Light Facial

Pulsed light to say goodbye to unwanted hair on your face. No more unwanted hair on your face!

There are body parts, such as the face, that should not show imperfections such as unwanted hair near the mouth or cheeks.

In order to remove unwanted hair from your face, there are specific electronic devices emitting pulsed light: the mechanism on which these devices are based is the heating (known as photo-thermolysis) of the single hair follicle, thanks to the application of light energy.

Through this process, the melanin present in the hair, gathers the energy produced and the heat developed, weakening the hair and its color. With a constant use, you will notice a progressive decrease in the number hair on your face, which will disappear eventually. 

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1 Item(s)


1 Item(s)

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