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Gima Magnetotherapy MT base plus

Magneto Base Plus is an ELF low frequency magnetotherapic unit designed for domiciliary applications.


Warranty: 2 years

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Product Advantages

  • 5 discount% to the recording
  • Domiciliary applications
  • Safe system

Magnetotherapy for domiciliary applications!

The most important effects of the magnetic fields are: Antiedemigen / Analgesic / Antiphlogistic / Regenerative and have applications in: traumatology, rheumatology, angiology, neurology, dermatology, endocrinology. The magnetic field produced is impulsive. The internal generator produces square waveform electrical current with frequency varying from 10 to 99 Hz and impulse time varying so to obtain a field's intensity determinated from 10 to 80 Gauss. Internal sound sensor of magnetic field and safety system in case of short-circuit. Two transducers can be connected at the same time (the field produced by each transducer is half of the total).

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• GIMA MT base unit
• Power cable
• 2 plate transducers 80 Gauss - 120 x 70 mm
• 1 velcro elastic band 60 x h 8 cm
• 1 velcro elastic band 100 x h 8 cm
• ABS carrying case
• Manual (english, italian)

• Waveform: square
• Max. ratio emission/pause: 50%
• Selectable magnetic field from 10 to 80 Gauss
• Selectable frequency: from 10 to 99 Hz.
• Intensity of magnetic field: 80 Gauss (8mT)
• Operating voltage: 230 V/50-60 Hz
• Size: 193 x 138 x h 68 mm 
• Weight: 1 kg
• Safety class: II BF - Norms: EN60601-1 (CEI)

You dissuades the use the following cases:
Women in state of pregnancy, tuberculosis, juvenile diabetes, viral (in acute phase) illnesses, micosi, subjects with cardiopatie, affections from tumors, serious arrhythmias or carriers of peace-maker, children, carriers of prosthesis magnetizzabili, acute infections, epileptic (different medical prescriptions excepted).
They are not known meaningful tied up collateral effects to the therapy, problems they are brought to the electromagnetic field produced by the devices of it tied up to the excessive exposure. Light the manual and the side effects in it brought before the use. In case of doubts or perplexity to turn to his/her own taking care of physician.

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