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Globus Genesy 3000 Electro Muscle Stimulator

Warranty: 2 years

The most complete and advanced range of the advanced range for rehabilitation, pain, beauty, sports, including iontophoresi.
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Product Advantages

  • Wide range of programs
  • Maximum Simplicity of use
  • Display simple and immediate
  • Visible and fast results
  • Multifunction and multidisciplinary
  • Reliable and known Brand

Advanced Electrostimulator!

made in italy

The Genesy 3000 is the flagship of the new advanced range Globus as it concentrates the best of technologies and functions that Globus has developed in recent years.

This second generation advanced electro muscle stimulator benefits from a new hardware and software design to implement its potential uses, especially for applications in medical, rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

The unit, characterized by a larger size and an ergonomic design to operate with mains and battery can be used both as a fixed or portable unit.

The Genesy 3000 is the more indicated stimulator for the treatment of pain, for the healing of tissues and for the treatment of neuromuscular dysfunction.

View on our YouTube channel the videos of how to place the GLOBUS electrodes


The system is designed to allow a more efficient and faster recovery of injured athletes and to reduce, at the same time, the possibility of new accidents.

The programs are designed specifically to address both the acute post-traumatic and to recover athletes who shoulde to undergo reconstructive surgery.

This machine also has an allocation of specific programs for athletic training in the major sports.

It comes complete with a full range of body care treatments for purely aesthetic purposes.




The Genesy 3000 stands for the possibility of delivering the most effective current in the medical area:

  • Current EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation)
  • TENS Current (Trans Cutaneus Nerve Stimulation)
  • MENS Current (Micro Current Stimulation)
  • Kotz currents with sinusoidal wave
  • Interferential currents
  • Triangular and Trapezoidal current wave for the denervated Muscle
  • Iontophoresis Direct Current



The technologies used are the most advanced and allow an easy and secure use of he stimulator in each treatment situation.

  • Functional rehabilitation (EMS and MENS)
  • Pain therapy (TENS and MENS)
  • Antalgic and Endorphinic Therapy (TENS and MENS)
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Paralysis of Denervated Muscle
  • RehabilitationTreatmen (Kotz and Interference)
  • Deep Pharmacological Treatment (Iontophoresis)
  • High-level Sports Training (EMS)
  • Fitness Preparation (EMS)
  • Aesthetic treatment (EMS and MENS



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The rehabilitation programs use the EMS current to restore the normal conditions of efficiency in the treatment of post-injury muscle recovery.

Muscle stimulation is a useful tool in some situations where the normal neuron-muscular function is impaired.

Atrophy Recovery, Points search pen, Muscle growth, Empowerment, Mobilization, Agonist/Antagonist, leg flexing, cruciate ligament flexing, Achilles tendon flexing , ligaments flexing upper limbs, upper limbs Hemiplegia, lower limbs hemiplegia, Bladder instability, Mixed Incontinence, Stress incontinence, paraplegia (injury prevention), upper limb spasticity, lower limb spasticity, hip prostheses.



Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. The transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is an analgesic stimulation that is made with pulses that reach the peripheral nervous system through electrodes placed on the treatment area. The TENS stimulation is performed with pulses biphasic symmetrical and with frequencies which can vary from 8 to 200 Hz

Endorphinic Tens , Hematoma, Contractures, Sciatica, Stress, Back pain, Cervico-brachial neuralgia, Cervical, Scapulohumeral periarthritis, Epicondylitis, Nausea, Carpal Tunnel, Hip Osteoarthritis, Patellar chondritis, Menstrual pain, Intens menstrual pain, Acute pain analgesic Tens, Chronic pain analgesic Tens, Modulated Tens, Deep Effusion, Trapezius muscle pain, Hips pains, Knee pain, Ankle pain

Anti - accommodation analgesic Tens, Fracture pain, chronic pain, Ribs fracture, Algodistrophy, Fingers pain, Periostitis, Cervical rizopatia, 1-2 Phantom Limb, Spinal cord compression.


Mens (MCR)

MENS currents use current whose intensity is between 10 and 500 uA (microamps, namely one millionth of amperes).

Normally MENS therapy provides for two distinct phases, the first has as its purpose the reduction of pain sensation perceived by the patient, while the second phase promotes the protein synthesis of ATP accelerating the repair processes of the tissues.

Epicondylitis, Scapulo-humeral joint periarthritis, Contractures, Muscle twitching, Muscle tear, Muscle energy recovery, Contusion, Rheumatoid arthritis, Edema, Herpes Zoster, Hematoma, Skin ischemic ulcer, Sciatica, Femoral neuralgia, Low back pain, herniated disc and lumbar spondylosis, Brachial neuralgia, Stiff neck, Migraine, "Whiplash" neck pain, Cervical spondylosis, Shoulder distortion, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Hand arthritis, Finger fracture, Knee sprain, Patellar tendon inflammation, Knee osteoarthritis, Ankle distortion, Achilles tendon inflammation, Facial skin elasticity



This particular type of current is called interference because it creates an nterference zone within the tissues at the point where the fields intersect. The interferential current is a medium-frequency (2500 Hz - 4000 Hz - 10000 Hz) sinusoidal alternating current, amplitude modulated, characterized by an elevate tissue penetration capacity and an excellent tolerability even by sensitive patients.

Steady (for painful tendon and muscle pathology), Sweep from 80 to 100 Hz (for painful tendon and muscle) in the acute phase, Sweep 5 to 100 Hz (for painful tendon and muscle in the acute phase and in the presence of inflammation), Sweep 5 to 20 Hz (painful events that require resorption of edema -pump effect), Multi Frequency (edema resorption in the presence of acute pain), Sweep 5 to 50 Hz (for muscle pathology in need of edema reabsorption), sweep from 50 to 100 Hz (acute and chronic muscle pain), LP (used as an alternative to diadynamic LP), CP (used as an alternative to diadynamic LP), COST, LP, CP (Association of previous programs), AMF (Suitable for large areas of pain), Knee degenerative osteoarthritis, Acromial bursitis, Miotensive headache., Acute neck brachialgia, Coxarthrosis, Knee distortion, Acute neck pain, Back pain acute epicondylitis, Chronic lumbago, Scapulo – humeral periarthritis, Contractures, Shoulder distortion, Ankle distortion.Periarthritis.



The Kotz current is used in the medical field because it produces a good muscle recruitingt and produces a more profound currents of other EMS.

The effect of the Kotz current is in fact carried into the deeper layers of the muscles as opposed to the skin because this type of current less resistance.

Muscular training, 
Fatigue recovery, 
Gluteus deficit 
COLLES fracture and flexors, 
Toracic hyperkyphosis,
Muscular hypertrophy, 
Dorsal para vertebral muscular, 
L5 pain residual hypotrophy, 
Quadriceps anterior rectum hypotrophy, 
Post-trauma ischium-crural hypotrophy, 
Deltoid post-trauma hypotrophy, 
Triceps hypotrophy, 
Vastus medialis hypotrophy, 
Not surgery medial meniscus pain, 
Vertebral osteoporosis, 
Flat foot, 
Lumbar-thoracic fracture after-effects, Quadriceps, 
Muscular strengthening after meniscus
Metatarsus pain, Gluteus reactivation, 
Serratas muscular strengthening, 
Quadriceps isometric strengthening, 
Warm up, 
Muscular toning 

Denervated muscles

The stimulation of denervated muscle, differs from that of a healthy muscle for the fact that the activation of the muscle fibers requires special currents.In the presence of a traumatic lesion of peripheral nerves, the measurement of cronaxies allows to establish if the denervation is poor, partial or total.

1st - 1 Rectangular Pulse Shape

1b - 2 Rectangular Pulse Shape

1c - 3 Rectangular Pulse Shape

2a - 1 Triangular Pulse Shape

2b - 2 Triangular Pulse Shape

2c - 3 Triangular Pulse Shape

3rd - Form 1 Trapezoidal Pulse

3b - 2 Trapezoidal Pulse Shape

3c - Shape of Trapezoidal Pulse 3


The iontophoresis program works conveying pharmacological substance inside the tissues thanks to a direct electrical current of unidirectional type.The ions of the medicament are transported within the body through the skin areas that oppose low resistance to current reaching in this way, the cell membranes.



Genesy The 3000 has an equipment of programs designed for body care and beauty: there are many treatments such as drainage, modeling, lipolysis, facial toning, the anti-cellulite action that can be applied individually or in combination among them.

The stimulatio effect is in fact enhanced if more treatments are combined together in each session: every phase of treatment because it acts in a manner different and specific (eg, surface-drainage massage-deep tissue massage-action anti-cellulite, toning) that, acting in synergy between them, they give you the best and most durable. 

Bio-drainage pulse, Lipolysis * 1-2, * Relaxation massage, Inivigorating massage * 1-2, * 1-2 Energy massage, Connective tissue massage * 1-2, Drainage postpartum, Postpartum lipolysis, Postpartum Firming , Breast firming, Breasts Sculpting, swollen arms *, * Capillarization face, Facial lifting effect *, * Arterial insufficiency, Venous insufficiency *, * Definition 1-2, 1-2 * Line, Vascularization * 1-2 (* = this Program for both men and women)


THE Genesy 3000 offers a range of programs for sports training to suit the needs of training of elite athletes in major sports.

* Warm up, Warm up Pre * Race * Active recovery, Maximum Strength * 1-2, * Resistant Force 1-2, 1-2 * Explosive Strength, Resistance Aerobics * 1-2, * Responsiveness, post-race recovery *, * decontract * hypertrophy, * dynamic Labour 1-2 (* = this program is for men and women).


Mass increasing, 
Body Sculpting, 
Body definition, Jogging, 
Anaerobic fitness, 
Muscular initiation, 
Aerobic fitness, 
Cramp prevention

Note: * indicates that both program Man Woman (* = This program is suitable for men and women)


    • 1 bag
    • 1 stimulator
    • 4 cables for connection to the electrodes
    • 1 Mains charger
    • 4 Self-adhesive electrodes 50 x 50
    • 4 Self-adhesive electrodes 50 x 90
    • 1 Stimulator Operations Manual


    Technical Data:

    • Channels: 4 independent CHANNELS (8 electrodes)
    • Frequency: 0.3 to 150 Hz
    • Power: 120 mA per channel
    • Pulse width: 45 to 450 microseconds
    • Wave form: Symmetric biphasic square-compensated
    • Power Supply: 18V - 3.3A
    • Battery: 12 V, 2000 mAh
    • Conformity: According to Standard ISO 9001, EN (Medical Device Directive



    1. How many sessions I can weekly perform?As regards the physical training we suggest you to follow the weekly program indications reported on the Globus Personal Trainer. The weekly frequency of Fitness and aesthetic program can be varied according to the kind of treatment. Toning treatments for example should be performed 3 - 4 times a week Lypolysis and drainage instead can be used every day.
    2. When is it possible to see the first results?The aesthetic results obtained are always subjective. It is however possible to state that you can achieve good results about tonicity after 15 days with 3 or 4 sessions a week; for lypolysis and drainage treatment at least 40 days are necessary. Better and speeder results are obtained if treatments are combined with a good physical activity and a correct life style
    3. Does the presence of dermatological diseases like psoriasis, urticaria, etc. prevent the electro stimulation?Yes, it is advisable not to treat epidermis zones, which present important dermatological diseases a good physical activity and a correct life style
    4. Is it possible to use the electric stimulator during the menstrual cycle?Possible interferences, like anticipations, delays, accentuations or reductions of the cycle can be subjective and variable. It is however advisable to avoid treatments in the abdominal zone during the cycle.
    5. Why does the intensity return immediately to 0 when increasing its value?The unit has a control of current supply. In case the circuit is open the intensity is automatically shut off. It is therefore necessary, before starting any treatment, lo be sure that the cables are well connected and the electrodes completely placed on the skin.
    6. What kind of electrodes must be used for electro stimulation?We suggest you to use adhesive electrodes that are more practical and improve the stimulation quality. If used with care, they will last for about 25 - 30 applications.
    7. Where to place the electrodes?On the back of this manual you will find a comprehensive electrode placement guide. If you want to verify the correct placement of electrodes you can also use the special motor point pen or follow this method: place the electrode as indicated by the picture, start the stimulation and with your hand move the electrode without removing it and let the skin sliding above the muscle. You will notice a change in contraction according to the different positions. Place the electrode where the contraction is greater. Always remember to decrease the intensity to zero before moving the electrodes.
    8. How to use the Y cables?With the help of a so-called Y-cable, the number of electrodes is doubled. This enables you to stimulate simultaneously two muscular groups with only one channel.
    9. Does the power decrease using the Y cables?The supplied intensity for each channel does not vary. If you use the Y cables on only one channel the current is logically distributed on a greater muscular area consequently the contraction will be less pronounced. Increase the intensity until the correct contraction is reached.
    10. The electro stimulation can hurt me?It is very difficult that electro stimulation can cause muscular problem. A very important principle to follow during stimulation is to increase the intensity gradually and to avoid pain.
    11. Is it possible to use the electric stimulator during lactation?Until now, it has not found collateral effects in relation to the electric stimulator use during lactation. It is however advisable not to treat the thoracic zone.


      We do not recommend the use of electrical stimulation in the following cases:

      • Do not stimulate the neck region (carotid sinus).
      • Patients with cardiac pacemaker.
      • Stimulation should be not used on cancer patients (unless permitted by the oncologist.
      • Do not stimulate the cerebral zone.
      • Do not use on undiagnosed pains until aetiology is established.
      • Do not use on sores and dermatological diseases.
      • Do not use on acute traumas.
      • Do not stimulate recent cicatrix.
      • Do not use during pregnancy.
      • Do not use during driving car.
      • It is absolutely forbidden to stimulate the ocular and genital zone.
      • It is also forbidden the use of the stimulator in the water (it is not waterproof).
      • Do not use the stimulator in environment where gas, inflammables, or oxigen are present.
      • Do not use in the vicinity of treatment areas characterized by the presence of metals fixing tissues (such as implants, osteosynthesis material, spirals, screws, plates), when using monophasic currents such as interferential and direct current (iontophoresis).
      • It is also properly to use with caution in case of capillary fragility because an excessive stimulation could cause the break of more quantity of capillaries.

      Anyway, it is always preferable to contact your doctor before using the device.


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