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Globus Magnum XL - Device for Home Care Magnetotherapy 2 Chanel

Warranty: 2 years

A device for professional magnetotherapy, features 400 Gauss, 26 programs and a complete line of programs.

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Product Advantages

  • Wide choice of pathology treatments   
  • Good pain relief     
  • Gauss high power     
  • Wide range of programs     
  • Different types of solenoids
  • Reliable and known Brand

Magnetotherapy Stop the pain but not only!

made in italy

A device for Magnetotherapy with professional features, 26 Programs for the Care and Treatment of bone and joint pains and a complete line of programs. New backlit display!

400 Gauss with 48 programs: 16 Rehab-Health -  12 Aesthetic-Fitness

the device Magnetotherapy Globus Magnum XL provides treatment and care, comfortably at home, of many diseases related to inflammation of the joints and muscles that cause pain such as:

Osteoarthritis, osteoporosis,  dorsal, lumbar, neck pain, back pain, arthrosis, bone fractures

in different parts of the body such as:

neck, back, shoulders, elbows, hands, wrists, hips, spine, femur, pelvis, knees, calves, ankles, feet, joints, muscles and bones.



POWER GAUSS: 0-400 Gauss peak per channel (2 channels); 0-70 Gauss average 
per channel (2 channels); Adjustable power – step of 5 gauss 

OUTPUT CHANNELS: 2 channels  



SOLENOIDS included: 1 fabric solenoid dim. 30 cm x 10 cm. This special patented solenoid allow both the superposition and the opposition of the magnetic field.  

Optional SOLENOID: Rubber solenoids, washables, dimensions 12,5 x 11,5 cm  

DISPLAY: A large and bright graphic display allows for all the parameters to be visualized and the user-friendly key-pad makes it easy to use.

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All living things are crossed, in kind, by flows of magnetic energy, which play an important activity for the regulation of vital biological functions.

The ability to penetrate tissues and the absence of adverse effects make this therapy to recover important natural functions impaired by trauma, disease or stress of everyday life.

26 programs: 16 Rehab-Health - 10 Aesthetics-Fitness

TYPE OF THERAPY device for pulsed magnetic fields at low frequency

NEW GENERATION SOLENOID: ability to treat disease either in deep or in surface thanks to its special solenoid developed by Globus with the collaboration of the most important studies of physiotherapy. It also allows both the treatment of extended surfaces like the back, or surfaces as small as a wrist.




Dermatitis, Sores and ulcers,
Tingling and hot/cold hands, 
Asthma and bronchitis, Menstrual troubles 
Climacteric troubles 
Sexual impotence, Degenerative and inflammatory 
Rheumatic diseases, 
Sinusitis and Rhinitis.



Drainage, waist and gluteus, Cellulites abdomen and upper limbs, 
Cellulites thighs, waist and gluteus Oedematous standstill, 
Treatment for swollen legs and feet, 
Reactivating treatment, 
Treatment for tissue toning, 
Face wrinkles, 
Stretch marks,Scars



Osteoarthritis Cervical, Hip Osteoarthritis, Hand 
Osteoarthritis, Shoulder Osteoarthritis, Arthrosis, Back pains, 
Delay of fracture consolidation, 
Stiff neck, Carpal tunnel,


  • 1 carrying bag
  • 1 Flexible solenoid, soft & elastic (length  min 30, 
max 40 cm x width 10 cm)
  • 1 unit magneto therapy Magnum XL
  • 1 Power pack
  • 1 Operating manual


  • Channels: 2 Independent CHANNELS
  • Output intensity: 125 Gauss peak per channel; 70 Gauss average 
per channel
  • Adjustable Frequency: 5-200 Hz  step di 5
  • DutyCycle: 5-100% step di 5
  • Power Supply: main  220V
  • Display: Large and  bright graphic display and EASY-PRO navigation 
Software with joypad keypad.
  • Class II tipo BF device
  • Standard: EN 60601-1 EN60601-1-2 EN 60601-1-4
  • Conformity to 93/42/CEE directive

It is not recommended the use in the following cases:

Pregnant women, tuberculosis, juvenile diabetes, viral diseases (acute), fungal infections, patients with heart disease, with cancer, serious arrhythmias or pace-makers, children, denture wearers magnetisable, acute infections, seizures (unless otherwise prescriptions).

There are no known significant side effects related to therapy, they are reported problems with excessive exposure to the electromagnetic field generated by the devices. Read the manual and the contraindications listed in it before use. In case of doubts or concerns, contact your doctor.

  1. What is a pulsed magnetic field?
    A pulsed magnetic field is a magnetic field which does not alternate, that is, does not switch its polarity, but, rather, it pulses.
  2. Can magnetotherapy applications be dangerous?
    No scientific study has ever proved that this type of applications may be harmful to humans.
  3. How many types of magnetic fields are there?
    Magnetotherapy is subdivided in magnetotherapy with constant magnetic fields and magnetotherapy with pulsed magnetic fields.
Pulsed magnetic fields are in turn subdivided into high frequency and low frequency magnetic fields.
  4. I have heard people saying that magnetic fields are harmful. Why should they do me be good for me?
    There are actually some magnetic fields, which are harmful to the health. In these cases it is more appropriate to speak of electromagnetic smog, which is produced by power lines, household appliances, computers and so on. However, these are stationary magnetic fields. On the other hand, those used for the well-being of the organism are pulsed magnetic fields with low field intensities and low frequencies.
  5. Is Magnetotherapy contraindicated in the presence of metal prostheses?
    No. The intensity of the frequencies and magnetic fields applied in Magnetotherapy is not such as to cause heating or displacement of prostheses constructed with ferromagnetic material.
These prosthesis types are in any case rare, as nowadays alloy prostheses which are not sensitive to magnetic fields are more common.
  6. I have a pace-maker, can I still use the device?
    NO, the use of magnetotherapy devices is contraindicated for people with pacemakers.
Seek your doctor's advice.
  7. It is possible to use magnetotherapy on children?
    NO, it is absolutely forbidden.
  8. Can I have applications during pregnancy?
    NO, these applications are absolutely contraindicated.
  9. Is it possible to use magnetotherapy during the menstrual cycle?
    Interferences such as early or late periods or heavier or lighter flows are extremely subjective and variable. In any case it is recommended to avoid treatments during the cycle and immediately before or after it.
  10. How long does it take for the first results to become apparent in the cosmetic field?
    The results achieved in the cosmetic field are obviously subjective. Better and quicker results can be achieved if combined with a good physical activity and a healthy life style
  11. Do I get quicker results if I increase the pre-set power?
    NO. The apparatus is equipped with specific programs which already provide the optimal power level to be used.
  12. Can magnetotherapy cause any harm?
    Magnetotherapy applications do not cause any harm except when used in contraindicated cases
  13. The low battery indicator is displayed. What should I do?
    Connect the device to a 220 V power outlet. This will enable you to continue the treatment.
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