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Hair Loss Treatment with Stem Cells

Warranty: 2 years

Ion, Infrared and Electroporation devicefor the activation of stem cells to stop hair loss.

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Product Advantages

  • Active stem cells protocol
  • Activation stem cells by infrared, ions and electroporation
  • Easy to use
  • Minimum time of use

Finally a treatment to the Stem Cell against Baldness that you can do at your own home!

Shock treatment against hair loss and baldness for men and women. 3 combined technologies: infrared and negative ions micro elettroporation combined action of the lotion to Stem Cells.

IHair. The first protocol to the plant stem cells active!

The new formulations of I-Stam-and I-H5 ar the concentrated of the most effective and new worldwide technologies for haircare treatments, hair loss and baldness.

Thanks to its 3 combined technologies, I-Hair combines the action of infrared micro elettroporation and ions, with the massage of the skin to increase blood circulation and cellular metabolism, making hair healthy and strong.

10 minutes a day of treatment of the-Hair are enough to reduce or prevent hair loss, favouring a normal hair regrowth.


The function of bio-stimulation of Infra Red, increases vessel dilation and increases significantly the APT synthesis, accelerating the cellular metabolism.

The special comb has 4 electrodes massaging the scalp by issuing micro currents, which stimulate the follicles, further increasing the blood circulation and facilitating the absorption of lotions.

Thanks to the special dispenser of negative ions is possible to clean deeply into the follicles. The beneficial effect of ions, oxygenates the skin and revitalizes the hair making its structure stronger.

The new formulations of the Stam-and I-H5 have concentrated on the most effective and new technologies in the world of haircare treatments for hair loss and baldness.

Vials to be used use with the special device the-Hair

Biphasic Treatment to active plant stem cells to active adjuvant in the prevention of hair loss and hair restoration:

  1. The I Steam evials contain the vegetal-stem of Malus Domestica capable to renew the structure of the hair cells.
  2. The H5 vials contain 5 active principle of undisputed effectiveness:
  • The complex of magnesium, zinc and methionine, which plays an energizing action, regulates sebum secretion and contributes to the growth of creatine.
  • The polyphenols from grape seeds protect the hair against environmental stress.
  • Taurine helps to nourish the hair, strengthening the bulb.
  • Green tea extract has anti-free radical and stimulating action.


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The precious I-Hair casket is includes:

  • The I-Hair device
  • Box of 12 vials with stem cells


The action

Day after day, like every other tissue and organ, the hair is damaged due to internal and external factors that affect its health. Smog, UV, stress, time passing, hair-coloring and aggressive components, deteriorate the structure of the hair and tend to create conditions such as alopecia and baldness.





The biostimulating function of infrared rays increases vessel dilatation, increases significantly the synthesis of ATP, accelerating the cell metabolism.





Micro electroporation

The brush is equipped with four specific electrodes which massage the scalp through the emission of microcurrent, which stimulate the follicles, further increases the blood circulation, and facilitate the absorption of lotions.




Thanks to the special emission of negative ions is possible to clean deeply into the follicles. The beneficial effect of ions oxygenates the skin and revitalizes the hair creating a stronger structure.




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