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New Age I One Care Portable device for ionophoresis/iontophoresis

New Age iOnecare is the new portable device for ionophoresis/iontophoresis

Warranty: 2 years

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electrostimulator solution for Ionophoresis therapy

iOnecare is the new portable device for ionophoresis/iontophoresis. Anti-inflammation and anti-rheumatic therapy, hyperhidrosis, ionophoresis and Galvanic therapy.

The mechanisms of action of the therapy are two:

The first is the rebalancing, through the current used, the difference between the electric potential possessed naturally from the superficial skin and that of the dermis, where  the eccrine glands are present. The imbalance of this potential favors the excessive sweating.

The second mechanism of action is the narrowing, below electrical stimulation, of the channel output hole that allows to convey the sweat glands of the outside.

It contains 20 preset programs with parameters for the most common applications and operating on battery power

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  • Device bag
  • 4- silicone conductive electrode (60X80 mm)
  • 4 cushioned bags (60X80 mm)
  • 2 elastic fixing bands
  • charger
  • rechargeable battery
  • 2 output cables
  • user manual and application
  • Power supply: 4 AAA 1.2V Ni-Mh rechargeable batteries
  • Waveforms: microcurrents and iontophoresis
  • Number of output channels: 2 independent
  • Programs number: 20 preset
  • Current intensity (mA): 0-20
  • Issue: continue

iOnecare has got 20 pre-set programs 2 independent channels for the most common applications.

The use of electrostimulators is not recommended in the following cases:

- Stimulation of the anterior part of the neck (carotid sinus).
- Patient with a pacemaker.
- Cancer patients (consult your oncologist).
- Stimulation of the brain region.
- Use on pains whose etiology is unknown.
- Wounds and skin diseases.
- Acute traumas.
- Stimulation on recent scars.
- Pregnancy.
- It is absolutely forbidden to use the stimulator in the ocular and genital area.
- Use of the electrostimulator in water
- Close areas to be treated affected by the presence of metal synthesis and infratessutal metals (such as prostheses, osteosynthesis materials, spirals, screws, plates), if using monophasic currents such as interferential and direct current (iontophoresis).

Any doubts please contact your doctor.

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