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Tens Ems

No more chronic pains with Tens (Nerve transcutaneous electrical stimulator) & for muscle strains, try Ems (Muscle electrical stimulation). Backache is no longer a problem with Tens! And for an efficient help for sport-related pains: use Ems

 Finally, it is possible to heal from those annoying chronic pains using Tens (Nerve transcutaneous electrical stimulator) which acts precisely on the nerves, producing an analgesic effect that in turn reduces pain and inflammations. Tens is a technique based on the use of electrodes that generate the energy necessary to definitively fight against lumbalgia. The results are surprising and amazing: the treated zone no longer hurts and you feel better without using analgesic drugs.

Another effective technique is Ems (Muscle electrical stimulation) that stimulates the muscle through the use of electrical signs stimulating the nerves. It is used mainly by athletes, and it is an excellent means to prevent troublesome muscle atrophies. This is a therapy that strengthens and at the same time relaxes the muscle, with a practical and painless method. The results are shorter when it comes to the rehab period. Thanks to a repeated and regular use, you will no longer feel the pain! 

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12 Item(s)


12 Item(s)

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