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RF Aesthetic

No more wrinkles or flabby skin!. Stop time signs on your body with radiofrequency!

Radiofrequency is a painless and non-invasive tecnnique of skin renew throught the direct stimulation of collagen that contrasts cutaneous relaxing, aging signs on face and body and attenuates wrinkles and cellulite flaws. Electromagnetic waves emissions develop a benefic heat that spread from the superficial to the deeper layers of epidermis, and activates repairing mechanisms of collagen. Furthermore, radiofrequency grows the level of elastin and hyaluronic acid, thanks to hematic circulation. So it's possible to obtain, in a natural way, a lifting effect on face, décolleté and abdomen, improving, at the same time, tissue oxygenation and lymphatic circulation. But there are even more advantages: great results can be observed also against adipose tissues or water retention, with a visibile draining and slimming action: so, radiofrequency brings a total and complete tonification of the body.

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2 Item(s)


2 Item(s)

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