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Radiofrequency Cosmetics. Regenerate your face thanks to Globus RF Line Clinic.

The devices Globus RF Clinic aim to become your best ally in the fight against the passing of time and to counter the effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Whatever your request in the field of aging, cellulite and firming will be able to help you. On the face of the unit function generates radio frequency waves that promote the regeneration of skin tissue and vascularity of the tissues, while eliminating the negative effects of sun exposure and sunlamps. In summary, improves the appearance of skin thanks to a fundamental action of microlifting and actively counteracts the aging of the skin.

And 'able to act both superficial and deep and is entirely controllable parameter of each pulse, thus ensuring maximum safety of use and maximum effectiveness.

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2 Item(s)


2 Item(s)

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