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I Tech Mag 2000 Plus Magnetotherapy 2 channels

Magnetotherapy to low frequency. MAG 2000 PLUS is a high performances and easy to use device with also free memories (10 user programs in which you can adjust therapy time, magnetic field intensity and working frequency). MAG 2000 PLUS and its professional applicators allow treatment of big area with high magnetic field intensity


Warranty: 2 years

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MAG 2000P

Product Advantages

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  • autoscan program
  • 20 programmi preimpostati

Magnetotherapy for professional and domiciliary use!

Instrument for magnetotherapy to low frequency Mag 2000 PLUS.

MAG2000 PLUS is the natural evolution of MAG2000 standard model, with similar style and graphic, but with increased and powerful features to satisfy the requests of professional users.

MAG2000 PLUS device is indicated both for professional (physiotherapists, medics etc.) and for domestic user. In case of home therapy we recommend using the device exclusively on medical/therapist suggestion.

MAG2000 PLUS has 20 pre-setted programs for the treatment of several pathologies, 14 programs identified by the working frequency (from 1 to 100 Hertz) and an Autoscan program with continuous frequency variation for the treatment of both hard and soft tissues at the same time.

MAG2000 PLUS has also the possibility to stored 10 user memories, choosing the frequency up to 120 Hz, intensity and therapy time: a great possibility for the professional user who need to use a specific treatment for each patient.

With a couple of big solenoids MAG2000 PLUScan reach 400 Gauss output on 2 channels (200 Gauss for single channel) for the user programs.

MAG2000 PLUS can also be used with the standard 3 solenoids belt.



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  • MAG2000 Plus
  • Solenoids couple and 3 solenoids belt
  • Medical power adaptor
  • User Manual
  • 1 PVC envelope
  • Bag

MAG2000 PLUS is particularly suitable for the treatment and the care of the osteoporosis and all the pathologies on bony tissue

Thanks to its high magnetic field intensity MAG2000 PLUS is particularly suitable for the treatment of bone fractures also with rigid bandages or braces

MAG2000 PLUS is a Medical Device with CE0476 mark.

  • Osteoporosis
  • Arthrosis
  • Arthritis
  • Cervical arthrosis
  • Articular pain
  • Cervicalgias
  • Sprains
  • Fractures 
  • Epicondylitis
  • Epitrocleitis
  • Intercost.Contusions 
  • Lumbalgy
  • Lumbar pain 
  • Shoulder arthrosis
  • Knee arthrosis
  • Periarthritis 
  • Coxarthrosis 
  • Musc.Atrophy 
  • Musc.Contracture
  • Osteonecrosis
  • Tratt. 1 Hz 
  • Tratt. 3 Hz 
  • Tratt. 5 Hz 
  • Tratt. 10 Hz
  • Tratt. 15 Hz
  • Tratt. 20 Hz
  • Tratt. 30 Hz
  • Tratt. 40 Hz
  • Tratt. 50 Hz
  • Tratt. 60 Hz
  • Tratt. 70 Hz
  • Tratt. 80 Hz 
  • Tratt. 90 Hz
  • Tratt. 100 Hz
  • Autoscan

You dissuades the use the following cases:
Women in state of pregnancy, tuberculosis, juvenile diabetes, viral (in acute phase) illnesses, micosi, subjects with cardiopatie, affections from tumors, serious arrhythmias or carriers of peace-maker, children, carriers of prosthesis magnetizzabili, acute infections, epileptic (different medical prescriptions excepted).
They are not known meaningful tied up collateral effects to the therapy, problems they are brought to the electromagnetic field produced by the devices of it tied up to the excessive exposure. Light the manual and the side effects in it brought before the use. In case of doubts or perplexity to turn to his/her own taking care of physician.

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