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I Tech Orthomag Magnetotherapy

Magnetotherapy to low frequencyOrthomag® is an orthopedic low frequency PEMF device (pulsed electromagnetic field) .
It’s the first in the world with a flexible, superlight and thin universal applicator that guarantees ergonomics and wearability.


Warranty: 2 years

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Product Advantages

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  • autoscan program
  • 20 programmi preimpostati

Magnetotherapy for professional and domiciliary use!

Instrument for magnetoterapy to low frequency I TECH Orthomag

-Orthomag® PEMF has 2 pre-setted programs. The first (L button) works at 50 Hz for the treatment of the bones tissues pathologies (e.g., arthrosis, fractures, osteoporosis).
-The second program (H button) operates at 75 HZparticularly indicated for inflammatory problems (e.g., tendinitis, lower back pains and neck pains).
-Both programs reach an intensity of maximum 25 Gauss. The power unit has 2 bicolor led for the indications of program settings and operation settings (connection to the mains, battery level).
-Orthomag® is equipped with an ultimate 900 mA lithium battery with no memory effect that works for over 3 hours of therapy (maximum 4).
-The Orthomag® has a belt clip to wear the power unit everywhere you go.
-Orthomag® universal applicator is patented and unique. It is weightless, comfortable and especially FLEXIBLE.
No other low frequency PEMF therapy applicator on the market is so thin and light. It flexes, fitting to your body.

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N°1 ORTHOMAG® device;

N°1 wall mount charger (cable 1.5 m);

N°1 user and maintenance manual;

N°1 universal flexible applicator (cable 1.5 m);

N°1 carriage bag;

N°1 test emissions magnet;

N°2 elastic band (S and L size);

N°1 car charger (optional);

ORTHOMAG® is particularly suitable for the treatment and the care of the osteoporosis and all the pathologies on bony tissues.

ORTHOMAG®device is indicated both for professional (physiotherapists, medics etc.) and for domestic user. In case of home therapy we recommend using the device exclusively on medical/therapist suggestion.

One of the Orthomag® strengths is the extreme versatility in the use. You can do therapy anywhere and anytime.
Orthomag® is equipped with a lithium battery for the use on the move, with a mains charger (230V/110V) when you stay home or in the office and with a car/truck charger (12V/24V – optional) to be used while you are driving.
  • Osteoporosis
  • Arthrosis
  • Arthritis
  • Cervical arthrosis
  • Articular pain
  • Cervicalgias
  • Sprains
  • Fractures 
  • Epicondylitis
  • Epitrocleitis
  • Intercost.Contusions 
  • Lumbalgy
  • Lumbar pain 
  • Shoulder arthrosis
  • Knee arthrosis
  • Periarthritis 
  • Coxarthrosis 
  • Musc.Atrophy 
  • Musc.Contracture
  • Osteonecrosis
  • Tratt. 1 Hz 
  • Tratt. 3 Hz 
  • Tratt. 5 Hz 
  • Tratt. 10 Hz
  • Tratt. 15 Hz
  • Tratt. 20 Hz
  • Tratt. 30 Hz
  • Tratt. 40 Hz
  • Tratt. 50 Hz
  • Tratt. 60 Hz
  • Tratt. 70 Hz
  • Tratt. 80 Hz 
  • Tratt. 90 Hz
  • Tratt. 100 Hz
  • Autoscan

You dissuades the use the following cases:
Women in state of pregnancy, tuberculosis, juvenile diabetes, viral (in acute phase) illnesses, micosi, subjects with cardiopatie, affections from tumors, serious arrhythmias or carriers of peace-maker, children, carriers of prosthesis magnetizzabili, acute infections, epileptic (different medical prescriptions excepted).
They are not known meaningful tied up collateral effects to the therapy, problems they are brought to the electromagnetic field produced by the devices of it tied up to the excessive exposure. Light the manual and the side effects in it brought before the use. In case of doubts or perplexity to turn to his/her own taking care of physician.

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