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Environmental Well-Being




The definition of the Environmental Wellness takes on two distinct aspects in function of the fact that one evaluates the mental state or the physical well-being that gives a pleasant sensation.

In this second case this environmental wellbeing is generated by a condition of comfort achieved through a balance between the single person and the surrounding environment, mainly tied to thermal and hygrometric factors, air quality, absence of contaminants and magnetic fields.
Comfort is defined as the feeling of physical and mental wellbeing or as the condition in which an individual expresses satisfaction with the surrounding environment.
In general, you are in a state of well-being in your environment when you don't perceive any kind of uncomfortable feeling, in a state of absolute neutrality respect to the surrounding environment. This definition makes clear that wellness is not a measurable quantity nor analytically neither statistically, because it depends from too many variables, some of which are strictly subjective and psychological.

The variables are: thermal comfort and humidity; welfare olfactory (related to air quality); healthy sight (relative to enlightenment);  psychological well-being.

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4 Item(s)

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