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Globus PressCare G300M-3 equipment 2 boots+ abdominal/gluteus band

Model with 3 programs of the new Globus pressotherapy line, suitable for wellness, beauty and relaxation needs. PressCare G300 is a lightweight and portable device that offers professional services. G300-3 is equipped with 2 boots and 1 abdominal/gluteus band

Warranty: 2 years

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Product Advantages

  • Boots to tall performances
  • Compact and transportable
  • Personalized regulations
  • Medical device
  • Complete line of accessories
  • Reliable and known Brand

The best of the treatments for your health and the aesthetics!


Mode A: according to the sequence of the program there will be an inflation and deflation of the boot one sector at a time, from the distal (foot or hand) toward the proximal part.

Mode Baccording to the sequence of the program there will be an inflation of two chambers at a time, simulating the function of the overlap boots.

Mode Cthe sequence of the program starts pressure from the feet and maintaining previous chambers inflated until the whole leg (or arm or abdomen) is inflated up to the groin. 

 Programmi sequenziali            


Pressotherapy ideal to:

  • lumphatic drain
  • swollen legs and arms
  • water retention
  • cellulite
  • massagges
  • heavy limbs



The pressotherapy is one of the most effective systems to favor a correct venous circulation, thanks to the sequences of inflation the venous return is stimulated and you decreases the muscular tensions. Besides the pressure allows the interstitial fluids in excess to flow in the circulatory system so that to be eliminated, favoring so the correct operation of the lymphatic system. Very useful also in situations of swelling, of tiredness and fatigue of the limbs, it finds a valid employment antistress and relaxing.Thanks to the effect produced on the body, the treatment of pressotherapy is useful for therapeutic purposes and aesthetical (water retention and cellulitis) finality.

Globus PressCare G300M-3  equipment 2 boots+  abdominal/gluteus band


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  • 3 programs
  • Pressure: 0~180mmHg±10%
  • Timer up to 99 minutes
  • Weight 2.4 kg
  • Size: 185x140x190 mm


1 pressotherapy g300

2 boots 4 sections lenght 94 cm up to the point , width thigh 61,  width ankle 37 cm

1  abdominal/gluteus band circonference max 133 cm


Kit battery

Extension circumference boots / sleeves 10 cms

Single connector PressCare



  • Non utilizzare in caso di malessere generale, influenza o malattia
  • Insufficienza cardiaca
  • Lesioni cutanee: erisipila,micosi,piodermiti
  • Linfangiti
  • Tromboflebiti
  • Insufficienza arteriosa periferica grave
  • Plessopatia e neuropatia
  • Grave arteriosclerosi o altre malattie vascolari ischemiche
  • Ferite
  • Gravidanza
  • Grave deformità degli arti
  • Cancrena – Dermatite
  • Recente innesto di pelle
  • Non utilizzare in caso di dubbi se non prima di aver consultato il proprio medico
  • Prima dell'uso leggere le controindicazioni e avvertenze nel manuale d'uso in dotazione

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