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Tripollar gives a youthful appearance to face and body!

TriPollar treatments provide an active solution in the fight against aging. Tripollar non-invasive treatment and is painless, with immediate visible results for a variety of aesthetic problems: firming sagging skin resulting from pregnancy or liposuction, redefining and reshaping areas of the face and body, smoothing of wrinkles and subtle signs. Since the treatments do not use any kind of light and consist in heating of tissue below the skin, are ideal candidates women of all ages and all skin types who want to combat the signs of aging and make your skin much smoother and more expanse. 

Clinical trials have shown that treatment Tripollar reshape and firm up the skin of the face and body, providing a toning effect and overall rejuvenation: treatments ensure the reduction of cellulite and circumferential, thanks to the removal of localized fat deposits, and the stretching of the skin with an improved texture and tone of the same.

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